Inspections of Electrical Equipment

tiezTechnical inspection is important part of Tikran servis s.r.o., it is focused on electrical parts of equipment. This work is done by inspectors of electrical equipment, they are certified by TICR and TISR for this type of work.

Inspectors have many years of experience, which they get during work at different working areas and construction sites all over Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and abroad.

Technical inspection provides:

  • Revisions, inspections, verification tests and checks of electrical parts of lifting machinery and equipment according relevant standards.
  • Training of employees and electricians according National regulation 50/78 Coll.
  • Revisions of electrical installation in buildings.
  • Revisions of HV electrical equipments and buildings in B category.
  • Revisions of electrical welding machines, portable tools and electrical appliances.
  • Revision of construction wiring, distribution boards and lightning conductors.
  • Validating of technical documentation of electrical field.
  • Investigation of incidents, failures and injuries during works of electrical machinery of equipment.
  • Consultancy in electrical field.