We offer

Spare parts delivery

Integral part of our service is to provide all necessary spare parts. Beside TEREX-DEMAG spare parts, we could provide supply of spare parts from different crane manufacturers, such as LIEBHERR, KRUPP, LOKOMO, FAUN, ČKD Slaný, etc. We are also able to deliver those spare parts separately.

Repairs evaluation

Thanks to connection between service and revision technicians of lifting machinery and equipment, the crane is tested right after servicing. We are providing revisions, revision tests and also „Specific assessments of technical status“ according ISO 12 482-1 within the servicing on customers request.

Mobile crane operators training

Part of servicing is also training of operators of all types of mobile cranes made by TEREX-DEMAG.

Special assessment of mobile cranes

According to national standards ČSN ISO 12482-1 and ČSN ISO 9927-1 about condition monitoring and regular inspections of cranes, Ti kran servis s.r.o. provides Special assessments of mobile cranes. We have special team available, which detect actual condition of the crane and then decide, which measures has to be done for further safe operation.

Special assessment is testing and complex evaluation of crane condition, performed in situation close to originally designed limits of the operation, given by manufacturer and applicable legislation. Is is applied to all construction groupes (supporting structure, mechanic, hydraulic, electric and safety systems).

Special assessment of mobile cranes according national standard ČSN ISO 12482-1 has to be done out of regular yearly revision program, no later that 10 years from manufacturing date.

Results of special assessment are included in the record, which is handed over to crane owner.

Safe working procedure

Based on national standard ISO 12480-1 is responsibility of each company or workplace, which use listing machinery, to have Safe working procedure, containing:

  • Proposed crane activities.
  • Selection, acquisition and usage of suitable crane(s) and accessories.
  • Maintenance, inspection of crane(s) and accessories.
  • Properly trained and competent personnel.
  • Documents control.
  • Prohibited unauthorized manipulation with crane(s).
  • Personal safety of all personnel uninvolved in using the crane(s).
  • Coordination with others co-working subjects, which are involved in the works.
  • Communication system.

We could develop this Safe working procedure for you and your specific working place.

Manufacturing of hydraulic hoses

We are manufacturing custom hydraulic hoses according customers specific needs:

  • All components used for manufacturing hydraulic hoses (material, tips, mounts) are products from prestigious manufacturers.
  • We could add all commonly used components to the hose.
  • Hoses are manufactured according customers need immediately, or send out by courier promptly (based on written order).

Painting works of mobile cranes

  • We are providing painting works for all type of mobile cranes.
  • We could provide quality paints according your requirements,
    or we could use your paints.
  • Our employees have experiences with all kinds of paints, including special and reflective ones (such as fireman red).

Repairs of damaged rods

We are providing repairs and refurbishing of hydraulic guiding rods from outriggers, boom lift, boom extension, etc.

Testing loads rental

We are renting test loads 2,5 tons, 5 tons, 10 ton, in total weight of 80 tons. We can also arrange its transport to agreed place.

Load tests

It is possible to perform load tests of different construction (such as support frames) in our complex. Loud tests could be both, static and dynamic.